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K=1 Project

The K=1 Project has its origins at the University of Columbia. It's a project that opened up a conversation about nuclear technology, science and history, providing young people with the chance to discuss, research and learn about the responsibilities and the role that nuclear power and weapons play nowadays in our society and the evolution of the topic worldwide. 

I was invited to participate in their expedition to the Marshal Islands departing in July 2018. My role, together with my mentor Camille Laquerriere, and my colleagues in the technical diving team was to assist in the research of the Bravo Crater in Bikini Atoll, where the detonation of the Castle Bravo bomb took place in 1954. Several nuclear tests were conducted in Bikini Atoll and around the Marshall Islands.


My role was meant to be purely technical as I'm trained in deep and decompression diving, however, it was amazing to participate with the team of researchers and the other divers in setting up an interesting dive plan, safety procedures, tests and predictions of our work on site.

The Marshall Islands are located in the West Pacific and receive little tourism. Less than one hundred divers visit Bikini Atoll every year. This, together with the fact that the bottom of the lagoons are covered in shipwrecks and that the biggest shark reserve is located here makes it a perfect spot for an out of this world experience. 

If you want to know more about the K=1 project follow the news coming up and details about the way we conducted this sucessful expedition.